Build your own base and become the richest player on the server! The survival is a custom SMP with loads of special features such as quests, an economy, clans and the marketplace. 


Go to spawn to find the quest npc’s and start a quest. Complete the quest to get a reward. There are a few quests right now, but we will add more quests over time. 


There is also an economy in the server. Complete quests and sell diamonds at the marketplace to earn in-game money. You can also pay other players to trade items.


Go to /spawn, walk out of the castle and you will see the marketplace. You can rent your own shop and sell your items. To sell items, you need a shopkeeper, which you can buy from the Stroopcraft shop at the marketplace. You can also trade your diamonds for money at the StroopCraft shop. 


Make a ticket in our discord server to establish your own clan! You are able to change your clan prefix and the clan name will show up next to your name.