17 december 2021: The server opened for the first time. Did you know that StroopCraft started as a Dutch server? We started with the SMP #1 and parkour.

26 february 2022: The Bedwars gamemode opened for the public! We started with two maps: Tropical and Dimensions

26 march 2022: The stroopcraft SMP #1 closed. We ended the season with a pvp event and lots of TNT.

14 august 2022: The server language officialy changed from Dutch to English. English is our main language right now, but we also give Dutch support 😉

20 august 2022: The StroopCraft SMP #2 opened officialy for everyone! With much new features.

17 may 2024: StroopCraft officially shut down. Thanks for all the fun years! It’s been a blast!